You will be hugely pleased to know that new plans are being made to assuage our worst fears including becoming climate neutral by 2045.

The focus of the deal entitled “Daring more progress” will phase out coal “ideally” by 2030, solar energy becoming compulsory on the roofs of new commercial buildings and the general rule for new private homes. 2% of land area will be used to provide wind power.

A goal to phase out cars with internal combustion engines by 2035 is included and minimum wages will rise to £10 an hour.

400,000 new flats will be built every year, a quarter of which will be social housing, to tackle the housing crisis.

The voting age will be lowered from 18 to 16, with plans to reform electoral law. Immigrants will be able to apply for citizenship after five years. This would transform the lives of millions of immigrants, many of who remain foreign nationals despite having lived in Europe for decades.

I’m sorry to disappoint your readers!

This programme isn’t what a completely reformed Tory government led by Boris Johnson following a period of psychological counselling and convalescence! It’s a summary of Germany’s all-encompassing plans made by its coalition government. Isn’t it amazing when progress like this can be made by a group of previously ‘daggers drawn’ political parties when they are made to sit down together and act like grow-ups.

I feel we will remain stuck in Westminster’s tribal warfare until we make them sit down in one room and act like adults and not ‘arch-enemies’.

Only Proportional Representation can accomplish this aim. Politicians’ hunger for infinite power and wealth will always win without it.

Just as the MP’s expenses scandal caused some of us to adopt their nasty habits, tribal mentality has turned some of us who should have known better, into sleaze-merchants as we learn that in order to ‘get on’, we need to be ‘friends’ of those in high places!

Mike Joslin

Garfield Avenue