It's worrying that Dorset Council is being accused of misrepresentation over development of a so-called Garden Community - a large scale development north of Dorchester (Yesterday’s Echo p12).

The council said it had support from Stinsford Parish and other bodies in a funding bid to central government which awarded Dorset £150,000 to evaluate the feasibility of this site.

Stinsford says its views were “grossly misrepresented” and has asked Dorset Council to write to housing minister Michael Gove to put the record straight. Will they do this? We don’t know.

I am concerned that my council is being accused of misrepresentation to obtain government money to support a controversial large scale development which I believe would be damaging both to Dorchester and the wider county.

It’s not acceptable for Dorset Council to brush this off - we need to know our council is behaving absolutely properly and correctly, and the only way to do that is by an independent investigation.

Alastair Nisbet