A WARNING has been issued to people on Portland that they may experience interference with their TVs as improvements are made to mobile phone coverage across the area.

Engineers from Restore TV are offering free support to ensure people can continue to enjoy free to view TV when mobile is upgraded in their area - but the company has said there is a small chance the upgrades may cause interference to TV received through an aerial such as Freeview, BT, TalkTalk and YouView.

Symptoms could include intermittent sound, blocky images (pixelation) or loss of TV signal.

Ben Roome, CEO of Restore TV, said: "If you see new TV interference, we can send a Restore TV filter, free of charge, for you to fit between your aerial lead and TV or set-top box to remove mobile signals and allow you to watch free to view TV as normal."

Any viewers who experience new interference to free to view TV should contact Restore TV on: 08081313800, or visit: www.restoretv.uk