Just because it is now well established that Boris Johnson and members of his Conservative Party are hypocrites and arrogant liars, it should not also mean that we the public should turn our backs on all reasonable and responsible behaviour to personally guard against this Covid pandemic.

I have heard many people say that if the government can ignore the rules they dish out - then why shouldn’t I?

That would be just ‘cutting off your nose’ etc.

The Omicron variant is now spreading much faster than its predecessors.

This latest virus is mostly hitting the young but could extend to all.

Right now, they don’t fully know its strength or even if our latest Covid inoculations will give full or any protection.

Because Johnson and his circus party have long proved themselves to be inadequate to lead us, it should not mean that we give up and flout all precautions.

Okay, we can still go shopping, go to a pub or restaurant, meet friends, attend family celebrations, visit people in hospital or attend a funeral.

Even enjoy a good Christmas!

The exact formulae is to behave responsible even if our government doesn’t – get fully jabbed, wear a face mask in busy areas, socially distance and wash hands.

If we all simply did that there would be no reason for Plan B or even another lockdown.