I can only assume that the great lover of Weymouth & Portland bus services, Mr Ron Hill (Echo, December 8) when he moved here from Herefordshire three years ago, did not decide to live in Southill.

Ian Mcdougal
Field Barn Drive 


...and here is the original letter:

I read with dismay the article (Dorset Echo, Tuesday November 30) complaining about local bus services.

Be content with what you have, would be my advice. Having moved here with my wife some three years ago from Herefordshire I have been surprised on many occasions by the complaints of fellow travellers, usually when waiting at bus stops, at what has been described as a poor service.

Compared to our past experience in Herefordshire where a bus pass would have been a waste of time, to arrive in Weymouth has been a delightful surprise.

To have services running every few minutes is something for which millions in this country today would give the proverbial ‘right arm’. I would add that even as octogenarians the windy, chilly weather conditions complained of in the article do not bother us too much. Dressing sensibly for the weather is the main thing.

Along with many others I'm sure, I too feel some annoyance at late and cancelled buses but overall, bus users in Weymouth have little to complain about.

The service provided during the ridiculous Covid nightmare by the service and its drivers has been magnificent and deserving of praise; the comparatively trivial inconvenience experienced on occasion is insignificant.

Ron Hill