To me it is rather offensive to compare the experience of some of the members of Insulate Britain to the Tolpuddle Martyrs (13 December).

Back in the 1830s, as agricultural labourers, with poor wages, and almost no real rights, these Dorset men set out to try and improve the lives of their fellow workers. For their actions they faced trial under the harsh laws of the time, were convicted and transported to Australia.

The members of Insulate Britain who are spending a short time at Her Majesty’s pleasure cannot compare with them.

They are not martyrs. Indeed many people might consider them self-indulgent individuals, presumably living with many of the comforts of 21st century Britain, whose only claim to fame is to glue themselves to motorways, and getting their cause absolutely nowhere.

I am sure there must be other more serious and effective ways of spreading insulation than getting stuck to major roads.

Richard Samways

Albert Terrace, Portland