It will be interesting to see what response Alan Lindley receives to his letter (Echo, Thursday).

I have a few contacts at various levels in the NHS, and they all have voiced their suspicions about privatisation through the back door.

Our NHS is recognised and valued around the world, and everybody in the organisation deserves good recognition for the years dedicated to training to even be employed in the NHS, but it is unreasonable to expect them to work such exceptional long hours. I have heard it said that the NHS is top-heavy with multi-tiered management. It is no wonder that so many are disgruntled.

We know there are millions of medical procedures being delayed and then we have the difficulty of getting an appointment with one’s GP, I have an example of a minor case: last week, I fell and somehow damaged my left index finger.

After a night of pain, and seeing it swollen the next morning, I suspected that I had broken something; not knowing what to do for the best, with the minimum impact the NHS, I used the e-Consult on-line system at 09:05 on Wednesday to report what had happened, and to ask what I should do.

A rapid text reply at 09:35 advised me that a doctor had seen my request, and would phone me on Monday morning.

A suspected broken finger, in pain, and I have to wait 5+ days for a medical opinion.

That’s how bad it is.

Brian G. Beckwith