Detailed plans have now been submitted to the Dorset Council to be considered by the planning authority in January.

One has been given only until the 27th December to comment on the application, insufficient time to do justice to the hundreds of vital complex documents accompanying the application.

This is a large and controversial development of a mixed use nature comprising 760 residential homes and four hectares of land set aside for employment purposes.

The site and the surrounding lands have a history of flooding and, coupled by the fact that sewerage is finding its way into our rivers and sea, poses health hazards on the public and coastal line of West Dorset; and more houses built on the site the greater the problem.

Employment land is as much needed in Bridport as houses, many of which, in my view, will become second homes used for either retirement or holiday purposes.

I have always been wary that the development of Vearse Farm by such a vast number of houses would spell trouble for Bridport caused by flooding, inadequate road infrastructure and now insufficient drainage capacity.

A halt should, therefore, be called!

David Tett

West Allington, Bridport