Christmas is a time to enjoy yourself and have treats that you wouldn’t regularly eat at other times of the year.

But if you have diabetes, or are close to someone who does, you may find that this time of year can make managing your diabetes more difficult, Luckily, Diabetes UK have loads of helpful info to help you enjoy yourself throughout the festive season without compromising your healthy eating habits or diabetes self-management.

Here are our top 5 tips:

• Make sure you’re stocked up on all the medications you need while your GP is shut.

• Be aware of higher blood sugar levels. It is fine to have the occasional spike but try to make sure your blood sugar levels don’t stay too high for too long.

• Ensure that you have your Covid-19 vaccines and the flu jab, this winter

• Stay active to help manage your diabetes

• Try simple swaps to make your festive occasions a little healthier. Could you have natural yoghurt instead of double cream with your dessert, for example?

And finally, don’t feel guilty about enjoying some Christmas treats! For more information, guidance and support, please visit

Phaedra Perry

Regional Head Diabetes UK South West