I am writing to tell you of a train journey from Penzance to Weymouth by train on Wednesday 1st December, that my 93-year-old mother in law and my wife had.

The journey in fact from Penzance to Weymouth was excellent.

My mother in law had assistance throughout the trip and the staff could not have been more helpful.

The issue arose when we went to pick them up at Weymouth Station (part of which is currently being redeveloped as part of the Gateway project with the car park area out of bounds - Editor).

They travelled on the replacement bus service from Yeovil, arriving on time at Weymouth. The story continues in an email that I sent the following day to Network Rail.

Dear Sir

I would like to highlight an incident that I experienced at Weymouth railway station. My mother-in-law, aged 93, travelled from Penzance to Weymouth, with my wife. We had assistance for my mother-in-law, as she cannot walk without an aid, and this was excellent. They arrived at Weymouth station on the bus replacement service at 14.35. I came to pick them up in our car, but there were no designated pick up points. The only ‘spaces’ were for the replacement bus and 2 taxis. There was a space in the area marked for rail staff, so I had to park there.

They arrived by bus and I was helping to put my mother-in-law into the car and put her walking aid into the boot, when a member of staff stopped to tell us that we should not be parking there.

I explained that there was nowhere else for me to stop and that I was picking up my 93 year old mother in law.

He said that did not matter and that if the staff had nowhere to park then they would ‘go on strike’. I said OK, so where do I park then? He said I should park where the taxis were, this was full up, or where the bus stop was, the bus was obviously there. This went around in circles , meanwhile another employee arrived in a car and joined in. In short, there is nowhere for me, or anyone else to stop to drop off or pick up disabled people. The designated car park now is at least 500m away. They had a really good train/bus journey from Penzance to Weymouth, but the pick up was most disconcerting.


I got an immediate reply from Network Rail, explaining that the issue was for South Western Railway and that they had forwarded my email to SWR.

The automatic response was that I would get a reply in 10 working days. Well I have heard nothing. Does this mean that there are still no spaces for disabled passengers to drop off or be picked up?

I am extremely disappointed with the whole episode and feel that SWR are simply hoping that the issue will disappear.

I hope that the rebuilt Weymouth Station will at least be staffed by friendly people and that Blue Badge spaces are provided

Graham Smith

Cranford Avenue, Weymouth