I also agree with Bob Blair (Letters, Tuesday, December 28).

Picking on small pubs for too much noise - who will be next?

Doesn’t the noise from the Rendezvous bother them? That is far, far noisier on their festival days.

Even so, it’s not a reason to complain. It’s people enjoying themselves, something ‘Respect Weymouth’ do not understand. Can we have a photo of this group in the Echo - or is it just another anonymous group shouting loudly at our terrified councillors?

The ‘woke’ brigade want to cancel everything that’s gone before, only their way is what they want. Everywhere they are being pandered too - by councils, on TV, etc, and other people are afraid to be honest and stand up to them.

What about a ‘Respect our Heritage’ group? - I’d sit on that!

Yvonne Hall

Southill, Weymouth