We have all just gone through yet another year of financial crisis due to widespread Covid – businesses failing, workforce being laid off, footfall with people-spending power, poverty and food banks on the rise.

Just when we all think that it’s coming to an end with the report that the Omicron variant of Covid-19 might be less dangerous than before – we are all about to face yet another costly experience for 2022 with the exorbitant rise in energy prices.

Reading several latest reports, the energy price cap is now expected to rise by over 30 per cent, 40 per cent or even 50 per cent next April.

If this is the case and without even Covid problems still being with us, everything said above and more will be further crippled – workforce being further cut down and more businesses going under, cost of living rising sharply reducing shopping footfall.

Many householders going into debt and needing food banks, elderly or handicapped going without heat or light. Care homes being forced to close down putting more stress on the NHS.

The list of crisis and hardships will be far worse than Covid-19 alone.

Our government need to step in now to prevent this new catastrophe just as much as with Covid. First they need to check the fairness of the energy companies of whom are making billions, then get rid of VAT and standing charges which are ripping off the consumer.

Both will be raising their prices on the backs of an already unfairly treated people.