WITH all the trials and tribulations that our Prime Minister Boris Johnson has experienced recently, incidentally many of his own making and with the new year upon us, it is time for him to reinvent itself.

With his hair starting to thin quite considerably, he is now too old to get away with having a mop of blond hair and just ruffling it each morning.

Here is what he should do: he needs to get a proper conventional haircut, lose a lot of weight, dress properly and that means wearing a suit most of the time and tucking his shirt tail in, but not in his underpants as allegedly a former prime minister was said to have done.

For his new year’s resolution, he should promise to stop wearing a beanie hat in public, stop rolling up his sleeves and cut out the ridiculously looking elbow bumping.

Whilst he may find it more difficult to stop fibbing, these are things that he should be able to do to improve his appearance, particularly with the help of her indoors, who has proved to be rather adept at smartening up the interior of Number 10. It should therefore be no problem at all for Carrie to oversee the smartening up of Boris. 

Whilst image is not everything, he could at the very least look the part, it would certainly go a long way towards people taking him a bit more seriously.