POLICE seized two vehicles in south Dorset yesterday as part of patrols in the area.

The first incident occurred in Weymouth when the driver of a black car was pulled over after no insurance was recorded on the force’s system - so he received a fine, penalty points and had his vehicle taken away.

A Dorset Police Traffic Cops spokesperson said: “We encountered the black vehicle, pictured, which had no insurance recorded against it on our system or any other for that fact as the policy lapsed in November.

“The driver walked away with a £300 fine, six point penalty and without his vehicle.”

The latter incident occurred on Portland when officers from Dorset Police noticed a car had had its windscreen damaged but soon noticed it was not taxed.

A spokesperson for Dorset Police Traffic Cops added: “We picked up on the Peugeot as we left the Isle of Portland due to its damaged windscreen.

“A check on our system revealed yet more document offences, this time an absence of tax for more than four months.

“The driver was unable to get this re-taxed after much effort so it was also seized.”

The spokesperson urged drivers to ensure they have their ‘documents together’ before driving.