What is it with politicians that makes them think that even when they are caught red-handed, if they deny, waffle and obfuscate for long enough, the problem will go away?

If they were to hold up their hands, apologise sincerely and stop digging when they are already well and truly in a hole, the public might just be prepared to accept that they had made a mistake and allow them the chance to prove themselves worthy of trust.

But with revelation after revelation of the reckless disregard for Covid regulations by the PM, his minsters and MPs, Johnson’s position has become untenable and he should resign immediately.

There is absolutely no need for ‘investigations’ into whether or not Boris and some of his ministers, MPs and staffers breached social-distancing rules - we already have all the proof we need.

Every day that Johnson remains in office can only aggravate a situation that is a direct result of arrogance on the part of politicians who obviously consider themselves exempt from rules that they expect the rest of us to obey.

This government is morally bankrupt and utterly unfit to run the country.

Nixon’s downfall was Watergate, Clinton’s was Lewinskygate and Johnson’s will undoubtedly turn out to be Covidgate.

Since the first evidence of Downing Street’s flouting of Covid regulations came to light almost a month ago, barely a day has gone by when we haven’t been made aware of what can only be described as a culture of “Do as we say not as we do” at the heart of the political establishment.

Unfortunately, there has been no effective opposition to the present government and little sign of there being one for some time to come.

We are, well and truly between a rock and a hard place, up the creek without a paddle and faced with having to choose the least rotten apple in the barrel at the next general election.