EMERGENCY services were called to a man who was found bobbing in the sea by a young couple who saved his life after rescuing him from the water.

The couple were walking along the beach at Newton's Cove, Weymouth when they noticed some clothing on the beach and then began scanning the sea for someone on Thursday night.

They then spotted a man at a 'considerable distance' at sea slowly making his way to shore, but he had to be rescued from the water by the couple as his body gave in to the impact of the cold.

The emergency services were then called and had he not been spotted by the two walking on the beach the coastguard fears the incident may have ended differently.

A spokesperson for Wyke Coastguard: “Along with Portland Bill Coastguard Rescue Team we were tasked to Newton's Cove.

“A male swimmer was reported suffering from the effects of the cold. Paramedics placed him on a stretcher and teams 'caterpillared' him over the large boulders to the awaiting ambulance.

“The casualty had been in the water for at least 45 minutes before a young couple spotted his clothing.

“They scanned the water for some time before spotting a head bobbing a considerable distance to sea.

“He made slow progress towards the relative safety of the rocks to the West of his entry point of the steps at Newton's Cove.

“Having succumbed to the effects of the cold he could no longer help himself, the couple pulled him from the water before calling the emergency services.”

The spokesperson added had the young couple not intervened the ‘incident may have ended in tragic circumstances’.