THE teacher accused of sexually assaulting a pupil at a private school in Dorset “always made sure we were alone so he could do stuff to me”, the complainant told police.

The trial of Bournemouth Collegiate School teacher, Philip Mulcahy, 58, alleged to have indecently touched the girl almost a dozen times in two years, continued at Bournemouth Crown Court on Friday.

He is accused to have indecently touched the girl under her bra and underwear on school premises and also on a school trip.

Giving evidence at the trial, DC Jo Shewbridge, officer in the case, told jurors she spoke to the girl, who was aged between 12 and 14 at the time of the incidents, at the mental health inpatient centre she was staying at after she disclosed the allegations to a member of staff.

The complainant was given a piece of paper to write down what she had disclosed. She then handed the paper to DC Shewbridge.

On it, she wrote: “[Mulcahy] touched me inappropriately on multiple occasions and the way he acted towards me was always inappropriate.

“He always made sure we were alone so he could do stuff to me.”

In his police interview with DC Shewbridge, Mulcahy said he remembered the student but denied ever being alone with her, the court heard.

He said: “I don’t remember anything, this is quite a shock to me. I am gobsmacked, totally shocked. I have no idea why she has made these allegations.”

Under cross-examination, DC Shrewbridge told jurors she didn’t check for CCTV from the school trip or ask for pictures taken by the school.

Mulcahy denies the allegations. The trial continues.