A young man who passed out on a bench in the freezing cold sparked an alert - and it has prompted a warning to parents.

Police were investigating reports of anti-social behaviour (ASB) last night when they received a report of an 'intoxicated youth' who had fallen unconscious and had been left alone outside.

A spokesman for North Dorset Police said: "Both Gillingham and Shaftesbury have had reports of youth related ASB (on Friday evening) and your neighbourhood policing team officers have been out to address this as well as visiting locations known for youths congregating.

"Most of the time all that is left is the rubbish they do not bin. (Last night) one intoxicated youth was found unconscious and getting colder by the minute after being left by his 'friends' in Shaftesbury - fortunately some other youths located him.

"An ambulance was called, the youth kept warm and details of his parents gained who were also contacted. Apart from a sore head in the morning, this youth has been safeguarded and will learn his lesson.

"Please make sure you know where your kids are."

The team said a quantity of alcohol was also seized in and disposed of in Gillingham while officers were on patrol.