A FARM near Puddletown has been given consent for a guesthouse and swimming pool.

Dorset Council has granted planning permission to Manor Farm at Waterston Lane, Lower Waterston to include the demolition of a barn.

The application includes the creation of four additional car parking spaces for the two guest units.

Dorset Council decided that the replacement building, although slightly higher than the existing barn, was of an appropriate scale and the proposed design and materials are considered appropriate, retaining a rural character.

The owners had been granted a previous permission to convert the barn but have since decided it would be better to demolish and build new.

The parish council raised no objection but said it was concerned that the speed limit along the road through Lower Waterston is too high and access on a bend would mean that visibility splays needed to be sufficient to ensure safety.

It asked for no planting or building of walls which might obscure visibility and that sufficient room is allowed for two vehicles to use the access at the same time, including farm vehicles.