FOLLOWING last weekend’s resounding win at Avonvale Dorchester have no senior men’s fixtures.

However, on Sunday afternoon Surcouf Park hosts the Dorset & Wilts Under-20s in their match against Cornwall at 1pm.

Reflecting on the season so far, and his first in charge, head coach Josh Ovey feels the club is growing and is in strong position right now.

He comments that being able to turn out three competitive senior men’s sides each weekend, plus the number of players moving up through the junior ranks into the senior squads, leads to strong competition for places in the first team.

Already the first XV are better placed in the table and far more competitive than their last two forays into the Tribute Southern Counties league.

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With a number of tough games to come the side sit sixth in table and look good to consolidate that position.

Club captain Tony O’Connell also sees the club in positive place, not just on the pitch but the spirit generated off it also.

He notes the strength of the junior section and the very positive fact that around 10 members of the men’s senior squad also coach their junior counterparts, showing the complete community spirit building in the club.

O’Connell also recognises the importance of putting out three senior men’s teams when required, and despite some difficulties at times, it has always happened even through some tough times.

With a new coaching team settling in on the senior side of the club, he sees it reassuring that players are returning after time out and joining the club afresh.

With a number of social events soon and the club's 150th anniversary celebrations to be announced, this weekend the clubhouse will be welcoming anyone who wants to watch start of the much-loved Guinness Six Nations.

Ireland v Wales kicks off at 2.15pm whilst the Scotland v England match for the Calcutta Cup kicks off at 4.45pm.