Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries said Boris Johnson told the truth “to the best of his knowledge” and repeatedly sought to blame Remainers for plotting against the Prime Minister in interviews on Saturday (February 5) morning.

However, out of the 15 Tory MPs who have so far publicly called on Boris Johnson to resign, just seven of those had publicly backed remaining in the EU in the 2016 referendum.

Mrs Dorries said in an interview with Times Radio: “There are a small number of voices, whether they are people who were ardent supporters of Remain, who see this as their last opportunity to reverse Brexit.”

Additionally, Ms Dorries was also forced to insist Mr Johnson tells the truth as the Prime Minister came under sustained pressure over the future of his premiership.

Dorset Echo: Nadine Dorries said that Remainer MPs were behind the calls for Boris Johnson to resign (PA)Nadine Dorries said that Remainer MPs were behind the calls for Boris Johnson to resign (PA)

Challenged about a claim made by Mr Johnson in the Commons about the number of people in work before and after the pandemic, Ms Dorries told BBC Breakfast: “He will have been given [that information] by advisers and researchers the fact that there were more people in work than there were at the beginning of the pandemic, not on the payroll.”

“So did he tell the truth when he quoted that? Yes, he told the truth as it was given to him.”

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Mrs Dorries added that Mr Johnson told the truth “to the best of his knowledge” on that occasion.

Alongside that Mrs Dorries had to be asked twice on if she had spoken to Mr Johnson in the last 24 hours, questioning why she was even being asked, before admitting they had "communicated".

What was the reaction to the Nadine Dorries interviews?

Reaction on social media was not kind to Mrs Dorries on what she had had to say in those morning interviews.

One user posted on Twitter: “We’ve communicated” @NadineDorries does a little head dance as she drags her weighty self through yet another car crash interview. Keep Johnson as PM, these interviews are TV gold by Nads!"

Another use posted in response to the BBC Breakfast interview: "Another car crash interview from Nadine Dorries."

Journalist Kevin Maguire tweeted: "With friends like Nadine Dorries who needs enemies? She makes it worse for Boris Johnson every time."

Freelance journalist Luke Flanagan praised BBC Breakfast interview Charlie Stayt on who he handled the interview.

He said: "Brilliant from Charlie Stayt. Nadine Dorries has all the swagger of a Year 7 student answering a teacher back until they realise said teacher will now ring her Mum. Embarrassing again from this government."