This lovely old photo shows us Weymouth town and its Esplanade from above on August 15, 1939.

It's fascinating taking a closer look at this and seeing just how much the resort has changed!

Click on the picture above to see it in full size.

There's a lot of detail to enjoy in this pre-Second World War photo. The seafront is, of course, as recognisable as ever and there are multiple coaches making their way along the Esplanade.

What particularly stands out is a smokestack next to the gas holders by the backwater. We'd love to hear from anyone who can tell us which year the smokestack came down. The gas holders lasted a lot longer - the last remaining structure was pulled down in October 2018.

It's also interesting to see considerably more green space where Westham is now.

Also of note are the bathing huts jutting out to sea and many of you will recognise the old Forte's building where the William Henry Wetherspoons pub is today.

Email if you can provide more detail to the picture.