This is an interesting old photo, especially for Chickerell residents.

It's an aerial picture of Chickerell airfield taken by an RAF aircraft in August 1947.

Click on the photo above to see it in a larger size.

The airstrip lies immediately above the inverted triangle of land near the centre of the frame, with the domestic and technical buildings and dark-roofed hangar clearly visible alongside Radipole Lane.

Note, to the north east, the bunkers on Weymouth Golf Course.

Barb Jarman tells us that her bungalow in East Wyld Road was a direct hit in the Second World War and was rebuilt in 1947.

Lorna Barber writes: "My mum was pregnant with my sister and in the shelter when the bungalow was hit."

Roger Plummer was born in Chickerell in 1947 and his family has lived there all their lives. Pat Barber lived right near the airfield until 1958 and has memories of great childhood days spent there.

Meanwhile, Devon Spearman remembers the troops jumping out of the balloon over the field when they were in training and Lilian Cameron says she can just see 'our row of bungalows in Radipole Lane, at the top right opposite the farm.'