Burger King has announced a mouth-watering Katsu Curry range which will see four new burgers added to the menu.

Available in participating restaurants from today (March 8) the range features a Japanese-inspired twist on iconic fan-favourite menu items, the Whopper and Chicken Royale in the form of a Katsu Chilli Whopper and Katsu Royale.

Dorset Echo: Katsu Chilli Whopper Double. (Burger King)Katsu Chilli Whopper Double. (Burger King)

What are the new burgers available at Burger King?

Fans can tuck into a Katsu Chilli Whopper® which is topped with cheese and a rich katsu curry sauce, and garnished with crunchy pickled slaw, crispy onions and chilli sauce, while the Katsu Royale boasts crispy onions, mayo, katsu sauce and a crunchy pickled slaw.

The Plant-based Katsu Chilli Whopper® features Burger King’s signature Plant-based Whopper patty with chilli sauce, crispy onion, pickled slaw and katsu curry sauce while the Katsu Vegan Royale heroes a Vegan Royale burger, with katsu sauce, pickled slaw, crispy onion and a signature vegan mayo.

All items in the range are served up in Burger King’s trademark golden bun and finished with a sprinkling of sesame seeds.

Dorset Echo: Katsu Chicken Royale. (Burger King)Katsu Chicken Royale. (Burger King)

How much will the new Burger King range cost?

  • Katsu Chicken Royale £6.29 (sandwich) £8.29 (meal)
  • Katsu Vegan Royale £6.29 (sandwich) £8.29 (meal)
  • Katsu Chilli Whopper Double £7.29 (sandwich) £9.29 (meal)
  • Katsu Plant-based Whopper Double £7.29 (sandwich) £9.29 (meal)

Katie Evans from Burger King UK said: “We know Katsu curry is one of the nation’s favourite flavours, so we can’t wait for people to try these twists on our classic Whopper and Royale. We’re promising new specials that max on flavour, with vegan and vegetarian options that taste almost identical.”

Burger King’s Katsu range is available until September 2022 and fans can head to their local restaurant or order via the app to try the new menu items.

You can download the Burger King app via Google Play or the App Store.