Today marks International Women's Day across the world and there are loads of brands all celebrating the day in their own unique way. 

But LEGO has created an entirely new set just for the day, and the best thing yet, it's free. 

The brand has released a tribute set for the British conservationist, Dr Jane Goodall

The set features a mini lego figure of Goodall along with three chimps all set in a jungle with trees, flowers, and even a river. 

Dorset Echo: Get the Jane Goodall set. (LEGO)Get the Jane Goodall set. (LEGO)

You can get the set for free when you spend over £120 on the LEGO website, which means if there's a new build you've been thinking about buying, now is a perfect time. 

But if you need time to think or are counting down the days till payday, then no need to worry as you have until March 15 to make a purchase and get the free set. 

LEGO has loads of great sets that are over £120 so you can get the Jane Goodall set. 

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