This wonderful old overhead picture of the Park District in Weymouth was taken on February 2, 1982.

It clearly shows Weymouth Railway station and the railway line heading northwards to Dorchester.

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You can also see Weymouth's iconic grand Georgian architecture along the seafront, the Jubilee Clock and the Royal Hotel.

But a lot has changed and much development has been added in the intervening years. As you can see at the junction of King Street and the Esplanade, the underpass is yet to be built.

We asked readers what they could recognise in the picture and Sue Hogben pointed out to us Digby's iconic building. "I used to love the smell in there," she said.

Very prominent in the photo to the left of the railway and right of the sidings is the old Centenary Club, which first opened in 1957 for railway workers and is on land now occupied by a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant. The club is now next to Radipole Park Drive.

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