As a self-confessed chocaholic, Aldi's new Easter egg range for 2022 had a lot to live up to.

From ice cream cone creations to vegan and gluten-free chocolate, I wanted to see which Aldi products are genuinely worth buying and whether the more luxurious, grand designs were good value.

I must place a disclaimer here, I am a big fan of simple eggs made with tasty, good quality chocolate.

For me, it isn't about novelty designs, chocolate shards spiking out and the price tags to match.

So when I took a look at Aldi's Easter selection, I decided my mission was to find an egg that looks great but tastes even better.

Dorset Echo:

One product that really intrigued me was Dairyfine's chocolate ice cream egg (£6.99) - a blonde chocolate and wafer cone topped with a milk chocolate scoop, finished with mini eggs and biscuit crumb, as well as a popping candy cone base.

Resembling the popular Cornetto ice cream, I was genuinely amazed by the attention to detail when I reached the end of the 'cone' and discovered chocolate-covered popping candy and milk chocolate.

It was a real treat to eat and I think I'd have been bouncing off the walls in joy (and maybe a sugar high) if I received this as a kid.

The one thing that really struck me about Aldi's Easter egg offering was the effective use of recyclable materials, leaving you guilt-free when it comes to packaging. Not even the ice cream egg was covered in excess single-use plastic.

Dorset Echo:

The cone tasted almost like Caramac - if that's a sweet up your street, this is the 'egg' for you. 

The different combinations of chocolate and salty biscuit crumbs sprinkled on top left my sweet tooth feeling more than satisfied.  

With the chocolate ice cream egg, you really have a bit of everything and I think it's a worthwhile purchase.

Salted caramel Easter eggs

There is one major theme in Aldi's Easter egg and chocolate collection for 2022: salted caramel. 

Dorset Echo: Some of Aldi's salted caramel options, pictured.Some of Aldi's salted caramel options, pictured.

I recruited a salted caramel expert, otherwise known as my boyfriend, to help review the full salted caramel selection. 

I thought salted caramel was something that didn't really vary in quality - yet some of these eggs really stood out as the best. 

In my humble opinion, one of the best chocolate eggs from Aldi is the Moser Roth salted caramel egg (£4.49) with hidden truffles, part of the Free From range.

Despite not containing milk, egg, wheat and gluten, it gives out little bursts of salted caramel flavours with every bite and it wasn't overly rich. 

It would have been easy to eat the whole egg in one sitting, not to mention the tempting truffles hiding inside the box. 

For serious salted caramel fans, the ChocoChanger salted caramel egg (£4.99) is the choice to go for.

From the moment you open the box, a strong aroma of caramel jumps out while the chocolate pops with creamy, salty sweetness.

One of the more surprising salted caramel items was the rich, vegan, dark Belgian chocolate office bunnies (£2.99) - you couldn't have too many but one every so often would really hit the spot.

Dorset Echo: Moser Roth's luxury egg box from Aldi.Moser Roth's luxury egg box from Aldi.

If salted caramel is your idea of heaven, I'd definitely recommend heading to Aldi for a browse. 

One of the most delicious chocolate treats from Aldi was the indulgent assortment of hand decorated chocolate eggs (£4.99) with different types of fillings.

From dark chocolate orange and speculoos to pistachio and macadamia, these chocolates are definitely ones you'll struggle not to eat in one go. 

The flavours really worked well together - an ideal choice for people who love different types of chocolate and something visually appealing. 

One tasted like sticky toffee pudding while the raspberry chocolate had such delicate berry hints - absolutely perfect.

Dorset Echo: Hazelnut filled eggs and hazelnut chocolate rabbits from Aldi.Hazelnut filled eggs and hazelnut chocolate rabbits from Aldi.

Now I'm not the biggest hazelnut fan but Aldi has played an absolute blinder with this flavour in 2022.

Moser Roth's hazelnut chocolate bunny (£1.49) leaves you with no words, just "Mmmm". 

Adorned with a cute green bow and bunny charm, the bunny looked great and tasted even better than you could expect.

The smooth chocolate melts in your mouth while the hazelnut really hits the spot. 

If you love Ferrero Rocher, you need to try Aldi's mouthwatering crispy hazelnut luxury filled eggs (£1.99).

A mix between Nutella and Ferrero Rocher, these chocolate eggs have a biscuity yet smooth texture with a gorgeous nutty aftertaste. 

Meanwhile, the Moser Roth Belgian milk and dark chocolate almond egg (£5.99) was something unique, featuring salted almond butter.

The combination of sweet yet salty almond butter with two types of chocolate was well balanced - though it did have a strong aftertaste, meaning it's not one for those who can take or leave almond.

There was just one Easter egg which left me wanting a little bit more than I got: the Dairyfine Chunky Egg Fruit and Nut (£4.49).

This chocolate egg is described as a thick Belgian milk chocolate egg packed with fruit and nut pieces - a combination I've been known to enjoy.

The chocolate didn't taste as special while the nuts were rather small and didn't have the crunch I yearned for. 

Saying that, it might be down to personal choice and you could completely disagree.

The verdict: Which Aldi chocolate Easter eggs are worth buying?

From the selection I tried, there are three clear winners: Moser Roth's hazelnut chocolate bunny, Moser Roth's Free From salted caramel egg with hidden truffles and the Dairyfine chocolate ice cream egg.

You can browse the full Easter egg collection from Aldi via the website here.

The Aldi website has even more eggs on offer - featuring cookies and cream, Eton mess and chocolate orange flavours.