This is an aerial photo over Hope Square, Weymouth, from 1960.

Cosens’s paddle steamer Monarch , in her final year of service is moored alongside Trinity Road, whilst astern lies the R.A.F. Rafmoor, which was scrapped the following year.

She had been many years earlier worked in Southampton Docks as the tug Albert Victor which had assisted in towing R.M.S. Titanic on her ill fated maiden voyage in 1912.

The post war redevelopment of Chapelhay was virtually complete, and the brewery was in full production. High Street would face demolition the following year. The backwater had only a few boats moored compared with today, and a derelict motor torpedo boat had sunk in the corner, the cost of breaking up and removal would be met by the council.

In the centre the gasworks was still standing and would be demolished two years later.

The Marsh would be laid out as a sports ground and running track in a few years’ time and Southill Garden Village was being developed by George Calverley.

On the Melcombe Regis side of the harbour, Town Bridge House had been built only a few years previously, and the whole of the site bounded by St Alban Street was occupied by properties now demolished.

Prominent buildings are Maiden Street Methodist Church, gutted by fire in 2002 and the White Ensign Club in St Nicholas Street, shamefully demolished in 1970 and the whole frontage of Commercial Road, which bears no resemblance to the streetscape today.