April Fools' Day is upon us once again, as a barrage of jokes, hoaxes, and pranks are created to see if they can catch people out in believing them.

With so many brands using the opportunity to market themselves or their products, it's almost impossible to not see some form of these jokes - at least on social media anyway.

Some of these are far easier to spot than others, and some do go the extra mile in creating the mostย outlandish story as possible.

The April Fools' Day jokes are not just limited to brands, as some people, like Ant & Dec have got in on the act too.

Here's some of the best that we've seen today.

The best April Fools' Day jokes from 2022

Ant & Dec's Toon Coin

The increasing popularity of cryptocurrency gave Ant & Dec the inspiration for their April Fools' Day joke, as they announced they would be launching Toon Coin, "the worldโ€™s first Newcastle-based virtual currency".

On their website page, they claimed thatย Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto was a boom operator on their programme Byker Grove back in the 1990s, and their pursuit of setting up their own currency had been "thwarted" due to their TV and music careers.

Deliveroo give their stance on pineapple on pizza

The debateย of whether pineapple should go on pizza is something that has been around for a while, and Deliveroo has utilised that for it's April Fools' Day advert.

It claims that from today pineapple on pizza will unable to be purchased from restaurants on Deliveroo.

They delivered this advert in a similar fashion to the anti-piracy ads featured on many DVDs in the 2000s, with statements like "You wouldn't pineapple a pasta" and "You wouldn't juice a ham".

Aldi are flying out in style

Aldi are known for their social media output, and didn't let the opportunity of April Fools' Day to go by without putting something out.

They announced they would be launching their own airline in "AldiAir" and would soon be coming for Ryanair.

When asked where they would fly to, their Twitter account replied: "We'll be announcing flights to the likes of Caldifornia and The Middle Aisle of Wight".

The first edible rollercoaster ride?

This might take the cake for one of the more outlandish press releases from a company for April Fools' Day, with Fantasy Island in Skegness announcing that they would be opening up the World's first edible ride.

Dorset Echo: The 'Cuthbert the Caterpillar' ride (Fantasy Island)The 'Cuthbert the Caterpillar' ride (Fantasy Island)

Families would be able to go on the 'Cuthbert the Caterpillar' ride and bring a plate to tuck into the gooey chocolate.

Paige Harris, Head of Marketing at Fantasy Island,ย said: โ€œWeโ€™re really pleased to be the first theme park around the world to launch an edible ride. Fantasy Island prides itself on offering the ultimate fun for every age.

โ€œPlates and cutlery will be handed out to our guests today too, so they can enjoy our tasty caterpillar with absolute ease.โ€

The best of the rest

Walkers were another brand to get in on the act, as they revealed their new 'Sandwich-shaped crisps'.

Meanwhile, the Have I Got News for You account used the day to jokingly announce that Boris Johnson had resigned over 'partygate'.

Good Morning Britain also got involved, in a more obvious attempt at a 'Live TV gone wrong moment', when Laura Tobin dropped a plant pot containing a supposedly unique plant that had been cultivated over a five year breeding programme.