After Looking Back regular Geoff Kirby caused a stir with a recent 'street furniture' puzzle, he has been in touch with another weird and wonderful Weymouth feature!

Readers got in touch in their droves with answers to the poser on what some mystery kerbside iron pipes in Weymouth were for. It was overwhelmingly thought they were the bottom half of gas lights.

This time around Geoff has taken a photo of a double rubber strip in the road in Lennox Street - but on this occasion the difference is that he knows what it is for!

If you've been left scratching your head as to what the rubber strip was for, worry not and read on - the answer is below.

Dorset Echo: Picture: Geoff KirbyPicture: Geoff Kirby

Geoff said: "When I moved to Weymouth in 1962 there was a set of traffic lights at the junction of Lennox Street and Victoria Street.

"I believe they were the only set of traffic lights in Weymouth at that time.

"I also believe these lights were removed in the 1970s. Half a century later this strip has survived – but for how much longer?

"The strip contained air-filled cushions that detected cars as they drove over it and these triggered the traffic lights to change.

"These were not sensitive enough to detect bicycles so, when the lights were red, I would have to get off my bike and jump several times to get the lights to change in my favour."