A while ago we published this Big Picture article showing Lennox Street in Weymouth in bygone days.

Since then reader Peter Harley, who saw the picture, published here again, has been in touch, finding that it sparked quite a few memories.

In the article we mentioned the popular Tizer shop, which a young Peter used to visit.

He tells us: "The Tizer Shop is where I used to go in the 50s for a small glass of tizer, it was either one flavour or you could have a mix of up to three flavours all for 2d in old money.

"I have a lot more memories regarding Clifton Place and Park Street.

"The memory I should like to share at the moment is the old Weymouth Train Station in the 60s, my brother was the manager of John Menzies newsagents kiosk on the platform.

"He used a mobile trolley in the shape of half a boat to sell newspapers, sweets and other products, it was in a sorry state, so he asked me to paint and tidy it up.

"I bought some large metal caster wheels, paint and plywood from Kennedys which is where I was a showroom manager. It looked so good when I had finished it the sales shot up!

"Also in the 1960s when I was about 12 years old, I was one of the trolley boys waiting outside the train station to take holidaymakers' luggage to the B&Bs or hotel for a fee!

"I did quite well out of it while it lasted, unfortunately the local taxi drivers complained that we taking their livelihood away. It was in the Echo at the time with images showing what we were doing. Needless to say the authorities put a stop to it - the spoilsports!"