Craving a Big Mac? Hankering for a Nando’s? Sometimes, nothing hits the spot like a fast-food feast, especially on a Bank Holiday weekend.

Sometimes after a long day at work or a relaxing day at home, the idea of cooking can fill Brits with dread.

According to research, Brits spend £1,000 per year on takeaways averaging at £80 per month – and that was before the pandemic.

Five ways you can save money on your weekly food shop

Food tastes even sweeter when it’s a freebie or cheaper and according to financial experts at Ocean Finance, hassle-free meals don’t have to break the bank.

They have share some of their favourite fast food menu hacks for some of the UK’s favourite takeaways.


Dorset Echo: Nando'sNando's

  • On a cheeky date? If you’re both ordering meals with fries, switch this for a large portion as it has 20% more fries than two regular portions. 
  • Butterfly chicken your go-to? Switch it for half a chicken and it’s 50p cheaper (£7.75 vs. £8.25) plus you get more chicken.
  • Make your own PERinaise. If your local Nando’s has plain mayo, add peri salt and save 60p per pot.
  • Are two of you ordering half a chicken each and two regular sides? A ‘full platter’ (a whole chicken, 2 large or 4 regular fries) costs £21.95, whereas two individual meals (half chicken and two sides) costs £23.50 – which is a saving of £1.55 for the exact same food. 
  • Nando’s offer a 20% discount (up to £20). to all Police, Fire Service, Ambulance service and NHS staff. You just need to show your photocard ID before ordering. 


Dorset Echo: McDonald'sMcDonald's

  • Is a £3.19 McChicken sandwich your go-to? Try the Saver Menu 99p Mayo chicken – it’s the same ingredients but with a slightly smaller chicken portion. At less than a third of the price, you could eat two Mayo Chicken burgers and still save money. 
  • You can make your own Big Mac for half the usual price. Instead, order a Double Cheeseburger and swap the existing sauce for Big Mac sauce and shredded lettuce. The taste is pretty similar but without the extra bread in the middle. If they won’t give you Big Mac sauce, mustard and mayo is a good alternative.
  • Did you know that you can ask for extra McFlurry toppings for just 20p?
  • To get a fresh-off-the-grill food, ask for a burger with something missing (gherkin, sauce, tomato) or unsalted fries.
  • For a half price Big Mac (and other deals), check your receipt from your last visit. McDonald’s have an option to fill in a survey online and receive a discount on your next order – including 50% off a Big Mac.

Burger King

Dorset Echo: Burger KingBurger King

  • You can order the unpleasantly named Suicide Burger, an off-the-menu special, containing 4x beef patties, 4x slices of cheese, bacon and a secret special sauce. Not for the faint-hearted, that is a lot of food. 
  • Did you know you can order a box of half onion rings and half fries? This makes picking between the two easier.
  • The £3.99 Double Bacon Cheeseburger can be replicated for £2.47 –  a saving of £1.52. Just order a plain double cheeseburger off the King Saver menu (£1.49) and add two sides of bacon (98p).