RESIDENTS of a Littlemoor neighbourhood are calling on a housing association to reconsider the rumoured closure of a playpark.

Aster Housing is said to be considering the removal of the Weymouth park at Clayton Close after receiving complaints of anti-social behaviour.

Local residents demonstrated their disapproval when they gathered to voice their opposition to the potential plan.

Dorset Councillor Louie O’Leary, who represents Littlemoor and Preston, organised the gathering in response to the rumours and says: “Parks are vital for young people to enjoy the outdoors and socialise.

"I used this park when I was growing up and as a child growing up on Littlemoor I know the value these facilities have. I have had no complaints of anti-social behaviour from the park and know it is well used and really urge Aster to keep it and invest in it."

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Residents expressed fears that any removal of the park would open up the potential for homes to be built on the land as well as concerns that children would have to walk to the top park or elsewhere to access suitable play equipment.

Resident Sharron Garbutt said: “I've been a resident in this close for 27 years and this is the second time we've had to fight to save the park from redevelopment. My children all grew up playing in the park with all the children in our close and the surrounding road.

"It would be so wrong for it to be taken away from the children that need it now even though there isn't much in the park it is well used as it is safe and close. We do not need or want another couple of houses in our already busy close.”

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A spokespman for Aster Group said: “We’ve not made any decisions about the playground at Clayton Close, which we manage and maintain, and is funded by our customers.

“We understand that play areas are important spaces for communities, so we’re currently speaking to local residents and monitoring the use of the play park to establish and ensure it’s used appropriately and is of continued value to the community.

“We won’t make any decisions until our consultation is complete and we’ll keep local people updated on the outcome.”