AUDIO clips of calls to police from Gaia Pope and her aunt Talia were played to the jury at the 19-year-old’s inquest this week.

Gaia Pope went missing on November 7, 2017, and she was found dead 11 days later in undergrowth on a clifftop near Dancing Ledge.

On Thursday, May 12, 2022, the jury at the inquest at Bournemouth Town Hall were played recordings of calls Gaia Pope made to Dorset Police on November 2, 2017, to report receiving illicit images on social media.

Talia Pope, Gaia’s aunt, phoned on November 6 to ascertain the details of a scheduled meeting at Wareham Police Station for her niece to report the images.

After unsuccessfully finding out what time the meeting was, she phoned a number of times on November 7, and an officer at Wareham Police Station could be heard laughing and said Talia Pope was “taking the p***”.

Talia Pope then phoned later in the day on November 7 when Gaia Pope initially went missing and was finally able to formally report her missing at 6.15pm on November 7. She was last seen alive around 4pm.

The inquest continues.