A TERMINALLY-ill pensioner is appealing to the community for help to fulfill his dying wish.

David Peppit, of Sweethill Road on Portland, fears he may be the target of 'cowboy builders' and just wants to employ the services of an honest tradesman who can complete a job at his home.

Dorset Echo: David Peppit, of Sweethill Road on Portland. Picture: Sam McKeownDavid Peppit, of Sweethill Road on Portland. Picture: Sam McKeown

The 81-year-old widower was diagnosed with lung cancer almost a year ago and this has since spread to his stomach, bowel and colon.

In December he was told the cancer is terminal.

In January, Mr Peppit, who has been living at the property since 2012, said the fences at either side of his property blew over, which he said has left him at the mercy of what he has described as cowboy builders.

He said some garden work was done at his house recently and he felt the price was a lot for what work was done.

Mr Peppit, who has just a few moths to live, says his dying wish is to get all his affairs in order including having his fences repaired.

Dorset Echo: David Peppit outside his home, in Sweethill Road on Portland. Picture: Sam McKeownDavid Peppit outside his home, in Sweethill Road on Portland. Picture: Sam McKeown

He said: "It's an awful situation.

"The fence - on either side of my house - has been blown over since the beginning of the year.

"There were strong storms around that time, and on Portland you have to batten down the hatches.

"I've had people come round with quotes and they are too high."

He added: "Some traders see an old man and want to take advantage, which happens to so many.

"It's my dying wish to get this fence sorted as well as get all my affairs in order. I haven't much time left."

Mr Peppit, who has been going through radiotherapy since April, is hoping an 'honest trader' will offer him an affordable price to fix his fence.

Dorset Echo: Picture: Sam McKeownPicture: Sam McKeown

He added: "I would like someone to come round to my home and give me an affordable quote.

"I have had enough of people trying to rip me off. I'm looking for an honest trader."

Mr Peppit said he worked at various places throughout his career before retiring aged 60.

As a young man, he said he worked in various plants where asbestos was rife, which he believes is the reason behind his cancer diagnosis.

"During a younger life, I worked across a lot of places where health and safety wasn't exactly a priority," he said.

"Asbestos was used in these work places and now we know that material can be a death sentence."

Mr Peppit's daughter-in-law Sharon Parrott is helping him fulfil his dying wish and she can be contacted on 07780 433827.