Burger King is celebrating the return of its Cheesy Bacon Lover range this week, and is hoping to entice customers in with a buy-one-get-one-free deal.

The range went off menus last year as Burger King claimed that people were "too embarrased" to say the word 'Lover' at the till when ordering.

In an effort to help keep the range on the menu the chain has the buy-one-get-one-free deal in place  - with either the flame-grilled Cheesy Bacon (Beef) Single or tender Cheesy Bacon Chicken Single up for grabs.

Available for a limited time only from June 10-12, fans can claim their free burger via the Burger King app.

Dorset Echo: The Cheesy Bacon Single (Burger King)The Cheesy Bacon Single (Burger King)

The Cheesy Bacon Single boasts a 100% beef burger topped with four slices of bacon, fresh lettuce, tomato, onion, BBC sauce, cheese sauce and two American cheese slices in the middle.  

Meanwhile the Cheesy Bacon Chicken consists of crispy chicken, American cheese slice, bacon, onion, lettuce and two layers of cheese sauce.  

This offer is not valid in conjunction with any other offers already in place at Burger King, and it can only be done once per person between June 10-12.

Additionally, it won't be available at Burger King restaurants at motorway service locations, airports train stations and holiday parks.