WHILE Dorset residents were enjoying the Platinum Jubilee celebrations last weekend, traffic cops dealt with crashes, speeding, drug driving and more offences.

Dorset Police officers were positioned in several locations on Saturday and Sunday and clocked numerous speeding drivers – including one travelling nearly the double the limit at 93mph in a 50 zone.

Speeding drivers were f stopped across the county all of whom have been given fixed penalties or court appearances.

A number of crashes were also reported across Dorset, varying in seriousness. One driver, who had an expired licence, damaged their Audi which spun out when they reportedly tried to overtake another vehicle. This along with other crashes, some of which caused serious injury, remain under investigation.

Arrests were made too after officers located drivers who were over the specified substance limits for cocaine as well as alcohol.

Some vehicles were seized due to various document troubles, including drivers using expired licences or driving without insurance.

Routine stops also yielded interested findings relating to dangerous vehicle defects. These included a bulging tyre found on a Honda, two tyres with the cord exposed and a complete lack of working indicators on another vehicle.

All of these vehicles received immediate prohibitions preventing their use on the road until fixed.

A police spokesperson said the weekend haul represented a “big effort from a small team striving to reduce incidents one problem at a time”.