A TEENAGER ended up in court after his mother told police he was growing cannabis in the loft of their home.

William Edward Kleczkowski, aged 19, was sentenced at Weymouth Magistrates' Court after pleading guilty to one count of cultivating a cannabis plant.

Prosecuting, Siobhan Oxley, said the charge related to an incident which took place on the afternoon of May 23 this year when police were called to a domestic disturbance at a property in Weymouth where the defendant was living at the time with his mother.

Officers were said to have been welcomed into the property where Kleczkowsi's mother disclosed to police that her son had been growing cannabis in the loft.

Ms Oxley said that officers had a 'duty to investigate' and found a 'small cultivation' of six cannabis plants in a silver tent as well as growing equipment which prompted his arrest.

Kleczkowski was said to have made 'full and frank admissions' in police interview. He told police he started growing the plants as a hobby and said he was 'fed up' of buying cannabis on the street and didn't want to continue funding the illegal business.

The court heard that Kleczkowski told police he was growing the Class B drug for his own personal use and said he did not make any money from it and that it was for him only.

Mitigating, Ian Brazier, told the court that Kleczkowski, now of Sherlock Court, Buckfastleigh in Devon, was growing the plants to have his own source of cannabis without having to go on the street for it.

Mr Brazier said that the reason he was growing and using cannabis was to self medicate and treat his ADHD and tourettes, which sometimes gets so serious that he hits himself in the head.

Kleczkowski was said to have recently moved away from his mother's address to Devon but wished to return to Dorset and engage with services in the county and was trying to save up money in order to make that move and find accommodation.

Chair of the bench, Romana Phillips, fined Kleczkowski £80 for the offence of growing cannabis.

He must also pay a £34 victim surcharge and pay £85 toward court costs.

An order was also made for the forfeiture and destruction of the cannabis plants.