A ferry company wants to work from Weymouth.

Weymouth Town Council wants the ferry company in Weymouth.

Weymouth residents want the ferry company in Weymouth. Weymouth businesses want the ferry company in Weymouth. The only thing stopping the ferry company in Weymouth is Dorset Council.

Why? The majority of Dorset Council are a group of people that do not even come from the Weymouth/Portland/Dorchester area.

They need to hear the voices of us the public and give Weymouth not just what it wants, but what Weymouth truly needs!

The area for the Channel Islands ferry terminal will have reason to be busy and immediately can gain investors for shops/cafes etc.

At the moment that area is a derelict site. Weymouth is a working port seaside town, not a quiet postcard beach West Bay/Lyme Regis type, that is something that seems to have been forgotten by the council.

There is a big void in this town that I strongly believe can only be filled by the Channel Islands ferry. It’s been a big empty space for too many years now!

I put the question simply and publicly to Dorset Council.

Do we of Weymouth have to wait another five or more years of it being an empty derelict area with failed possible investment scenarios - or a year of certainty to regain the ferry while provisions of works are made and could be started right now?

Weymouth wants its Channel Islands ferry.

Sarah Garnett