A PARENT has issued an emotional plea about the importance of sea safety after the RNLI “saved the lives” of two of her children.

The mum said her two children were on paddleboards at Ringstead and were blown around half a mile offshore on Saturday in what was “the worst hour of being parents to date”.

Her story was shared by her sister on an online forum.

She said: “The kids were playing on the paddleboards at Ringstead Bay and within the blink of an eye they were struggling. The wind had come from nowhere and swept them out to sea and they didn’t have the strength to get back in.”

Both the children were wearing lifejackets and their mum urged anyone heading down to the beach to “please, please make sure the kids are wearing lifejackets”.

The appeal comes ahead of what is expected to be a very busy season at the coast and at the beginning of National Drowning Prevention Week.

A female paddleboard instructor, realising the children were in trouble, managed to reach them and stayed with them as RNLI Weymouth launched the inshore lifeboat.

Wyke Coastguard Rescue Team, Lulworth Coastguard Rescue Team and Weymouth RNLI were called to the incident at 1.45pm.

They quickly made contact with the three individuals, recovered them, and confirmed they were safe and well. The lifeboat then took the children to the beach where they were “reunited with their incredible grateful family”.

Wyke Regis Coastguard said it was “a very fortunate outcome” amid rapidly changing conditions creating strong offshore winds.

A spokesperson said it was “an excellent example” of what you should do if you see anyone being blown offshore: “Call 999 immediately and ask for the Coastguard - help will be sent.”

In the online post, the mum said she wanted to share the story because “awareness is everything”.

She added: “We thought this wouldn’t happen to us: we know how dangerous the sea can be and we never take it for granted but it turned so very, very quickly.”

Concluding the post, the mum said: “We’re sharing to raise awareness, so many of our friends enjoy the beach and watersports like us… please please make sure the kids are wearing lifejackets!

"If any of you have a few pounds to spare please consider donating it to the RNLI: they saved our children’s lives and we are indebted to them”.