A RETIRED prison officer has been giving a terminally-ill man 'great memories' by taking him on bike rides across Portland.

As reported, David Peppit, of Sweethill Road, feared he may be the target of 'cowboy builders' and just wanted to employ the services of an honest tradesman who can complete a fence job at his home as part of getting all his affairs in order.

READ MORETerminally ill Portland man's 'dying wish' to get fence fixed by honest trader

Dorset Echo: David PeppitDavid Peppit

Dorset Echo: Tony CharltonTony Charlton

The 81-year-old widower was diagnosed with lung cancer almost a year ago and this has since spread to his stomach, bowel and colon - and due to his frail condition, he is extremely limited with mobility.

Tony Charlton, 64, of Portland heard about Mr Peppit's heartbreaking story and has been helping him with his shopping, while keeping him active by taking him on tours of Portland.

Mr Charlton, who rides voluntarily for charity Cycling Without Age, said: "I was delighted to help this gentleman.

"I took him around Portland and he was very happy to be able to get out of the house independently."

Dorset Echo:

Mr Charlton said he worked at the Verne prison on Portland as an officer for 25 years. Now retired, he said he wanted to do something positive within the community and heard about Cycling Without Age.

The charity was set up in October 2019 to combat loneliness among people who are housebound, and has since branched out from Weymouth to Portland, and further afield including areas Bridport and Dorchester.

Riders use trishaw bikes which come from Denmark and the charity offers rides from more than 20 volunteer 'pilots'.

"We've been on a few rides, more often to do his shopping at Tesco in Easton, and then back to his home in Sweethill Road," said Mr Charlton.

"It's all for a good cause and I'm more than happy to do. It's keeping me fit too.

"I'm now in contact with Mr Peppit and he can call me anytime if he needs anything."

Mr Peppit's daughter-in-law Sharon Parrott is helping him fulfil his dying wish of getting his fence fixed, which was blown over in a storm during early 2022.

She said: "David is thrilled to feel the breeze on his face during the bike rides.

"He was given a tour to places he couldn't reach on his own due to his frailty.

"It was great fun and it may be his last days, but what great memories he's having."

Mr Peppit said there is no update on his fence being fixed after a plea was made more than a month ago.

Enquiries should be made to Sharon Parrott on 07780 433827.