A POUNDBURY resident has been left “utterly devastated” after landlords from the Duchy of Cornwall told her she must remove the majority of the plants outside her home.

Officials have asked Alexandra Wilson-Jones to “significantly reduce” the amount of plants or they will have to be removed altogether.

Ms Wilson-Jones, 49, told the Echo she was “heartbroken” and “deeply disappointed” after being informed of the decision.

She denied her floral displays were excessive.

The request to remove them was made on the basis that the collection of flowers, including a floral archway, looked “out of place” with the surrounding courtyard. Ms Wilson-Jones suggested they may only look out of place because ‘not many other people have planted things’.

Ms Wilson-Jones, who lives at Vickery Court, said the decision had left her wondering whether to leave the area altogether.

She said: “It is completely contradictory to the vision for Poundbury; Prince Charles’ vision was to create this amazing, vibrant space for communities of all ages to live in and enjoy the amazing nature.

"I think he would be appalled at what’s going on, I really do, because this is exactly the sort of display he would love.

"It’s shocking, really, I don't think the flower are excessive and they aren’t causing any obstruction.”

Having been given six months to modify her collection, Ms Wilson-Jones said she thinks doing so could have a detrimental impact on the community.

She said: “The thing about the flowers is that they really do have a positive effect on not only me but my neighbours and people from the community of all ages. They aren’t garish at all and, actually, they have a really good impact on our mental health, the environment and nature, and gardening is something that so many of us embrace.”

The Duchy of Cornwall said the issue centred around the plants being placed on a communal courtyard without approval.

A spokesperson said: “We welcome moves to enhance the appearance and environmental diversity of courtyards, however these need to be of an appropriate scale and nature.

“We are aware that complaints about the large collection have been raised by local residents and we will continue to work with the owner of the plants and the relevant developer to achieve a suitable outcome.”