Dorset Trades Union Council fully supports the current strike by RMT members on our railways.

We urge the public to support them too, despite any inconvenience.

The rail companies are making huge profits – subsidised by our taxes. Yet, as inflation rises to 9.1 per cent, they are trying to make their workers accept a reduction in pay in real terms.

This pay cut is backed by the Government, along with plans to close all ticket offices, cut thousands of jobs, worsen pensions and employment terms – all without consultation.

RMT members voted overwhelmingly for strike action to defend their jobs and for a pay rise that deals with the rising cost of living. All the workers who kept our vital services going through the pandemic should support this strike.

Now they face pay cuts and rising prices. We encourage them to join the fightback.

The RMT is calling for a transport system that operates for the benefit of the people, for the needs of society and our environment, not for private profit. Public opinion is strongly in favour of returning to a national rail service.

Also, as it is the lowest contributor to transport climate emissions, expanding the rail network would help the fight against climate change.

So, instead of cuts, the Government should be investing in a bigger nationalised railway network, helping to save the planet.

Dorset TUC says, solidarity with the strikers!

Jenny Lennon-Wood

Secretary of Dorset Trades Union Council Weymouth