One can only feel sorry for poor Ian Frame.

All those years gone by and he still clings to his Remoaner views that have been rejected by the majority of his countrymen and daily shown to be short-sighted.

The myopia of those views, having total disregard for the only two ideals that mattered in the referendum – that is, sovereignty and democracy – is apparent.

To further unfavourably conflate Brexit with Ukraine seeking to join the EU is to show a lack of understanding of the primacy role of the UN in EU/world security, not the EU.

The fractured and selfish splits in the EU with regard to the Ukraine saga reflect badly when compared to the UK’s support for that country.

The myopia referred to in my first paragraph has been continually shown up over the blessed time since the referendum’s glorious result in many ways, not least the world-wide views of the UK in opening up to the wider world as compared to the moves within the EU – for example, the recent moves by Germany to pursue coal power in that country. Whereas here, the foolish views of the rent-a-crowd mob have prevented a sensible use of fracking.

The nonsense spouted by the Remoaners at the time of the referendum was exactly that.

To repeat, the only two items for sensible discussion were the sovereignty and democracy of this wonderful nation.

A nation that has and does show the way to much of the rest of the world.

One might wonder why so many still risk their lives and those of their families to reach the UK, often having travelled half-way across the world, including Mr Frame’s fairyland that is the EU, to get here.

Could it be that the frantic desire of Mr Frame to shove his views down the unwilling throat of the nation’s majority, against their very democratically declared wishes, might be explained by a quirk of his address? It just couldn’t be that Linden Avenue is really Unter den Linden, could it?

Ron Hill