A SEAFOOD festival is hoping to shine the spotlight on “fish that only a mother could love” later this year.

Dorset Seafood Festival is introducing a new feature for 2022 titled ‘The Outcasts’: focussing on a trio of unusual looking fish and seafood that, they say, boast an exceptional flavour.

The event, also known as SEAFEAST, will be highlighting the qualities of monkfish, gurnard and spider crab over the weekend of September 10 and 11.

The festival, held along the Weymouth Peninsula, works closely with the Blue Marine Foundation to ensure there is a focus on restoring the health of the ocean and to support local, low impact fisheries.

Stuart Cooper, Festival Director said: “The festival is a big promoter of sustainable seafood and for 2022 we wanted to find a way to encourage people to explore alternative species they might not have considered before.

"Some might be a little hard on the eyes but we have such a variety of incredible seafood just off our shores. Visitors to SEAFEAST will have the opportunity to learn more about underutilised species.

"We will have top chefs on stage demonstrating how these ‘outcasts’ can be turned into a delicious meal and we are encouraging our amazing stallholders to join in too – providing the chance for festival-goers to try something different.”

Sam Fanshawe, from Blue Marine Foundation said: “Just five fish make up over 60% of all seafood eaten in the UK – cod, haddock, tuna, salmon and prawns.

"Buying sustainably caught seafood from UK fishermen supports our local economies, protects the environment and it tastes great whatever it might look like.

"We need to cast our taste net wider and there are lots of great resources to help people buy and cook local, seasonal fish caught in UK waters.

"SEAFEAST is the perfect place to try something a bit different and support our local fishing and seafood businesses.’’

The Dorset Seafood Festival raises funds for the Fishermen's Mission - a charity working with fishermen and their families.

Tickets are available from as little as £7 with children under 16 being admitted free of charge. To find out more visit www.dorsetseafood.co.uk.