These old pictures show entertainer Graham Rosamund in 1968 photographed before gigs at the Coach and Horses and Askers Road House.

In the second photo Graham is photographed on the left at the end of a four year run with the Pinelanders.

The picture brings back memories of visiting the long-gone Askers Road House for some of our readers. The road house was built in 1931 on the A35 near Askerswell and is famous for the Beatles staying there in 1963.

Destroyed by fire in the 1990s, it was later called the Four Winds Motel.

Graham Rosamund was a regular performer at the road house on Sunday nights. Harold Doonan tells us: "I remember Graham very well, he was a good entertainer his dad was a builder."

Reader Cynthia Mullane remembers: "I think Askers never called time!"

For Pauline Stevens the road house in the 1950s and 60s was 'a good place to go'.

Beryl Sherriff remembers: "I used to go there lots in the day, Coach and Horses and Askers, good old days, think the car knew its own way home, used to have a old fashion sing song on the way."

"I had my 21st birthday party there, it was fantastic, sad it's not there anymore," Angela Ashley said.

Chris Osborn recalls that several clubs in Dorchester used to hold their Christmas parties at the road house.

Lilian Cameron writes: "I remember the road house! I bought my first illegal drink there with my friend Sheila Warren - we had a "Pony" ("the little drink with the big kick!") - must have been around 1959, I think.

"We were on a Weymouth water polo trip to West Bay with the team, I was hoping to get a kiss in the back seat from my friend Bill Gage, but no luck!"