I am writing to say how much I enjoyed seeing the tanks and armoured vehicles rolling though Dorchester (Saturday, June 18).

How the memories came flooding back remembering the days prior to D-Day; all the activity, our soldiers and the Americans, parking their vehicles under the trees in the Avenues, sitting there hidden waiting for ‘the off’.

There one minute and gone suddenly, quietly, during the night. Overhead the sky black with planes and gliders; we all realised something very important was about to happen.

Seeing the marvellous display on that Saturday brought it all back - how much we owe these brave men and women who were waiting there on their way to France.

So a very big thank you to everyone who must have put in hours of work to bring their old ‘war horses’ back to their pristine condition. It was marvellous and so good to see.

I’m sure that the crowds that turned out, young and old, left as proud as I did having watched the display. A very big thank you to everyone concerned.

Jean Matthews