Find out more about a shipwreck off Portland which resulted in the loss of 260 lives at a drop in event.

Portland Museum and MSDS Marine will be holding an HMS Abergavenny - previously the Earl of Abergavenny- themed drop-in event on Thursday, July 21 from 10.30am to 3.30pm at the Chesil Beach Centre on Portland Beach Road.

MSDS Marine will be bringing its pop-up exhibition trailer to CBC and, with the museum's expert volunteers, will showcase the amazing story of the shipwreck.

On show will be some of the most intriguing objects retrieved from the ship that hit the infamous Shambles Sandbank in 1805 and sank just off Weymouth Bay.

Come and see real pieces of eight, the captain's cufflinks, copper ingots, and beautifully preserved parts of this huge ship that was lost on a trading mission from England to Bengal and China.

Learn about the captain, John Wordsworth, who was set to make a fortune from the voyage before human error, the Portland Bill coastline and stormy weather combined to wreck the Earl of Abergavenny only days after beginning its trip.

Chat to one of the museum's expert conservation volunteers who has been assessing the condition of the finds from the excavation that took place over a period of 25 years just out in Weymouth Bay.

Also on show will be 3D images Portland Museum volunteers have been making of the collection items.

See the other side of objects only normally visible from one angle when on display in a museum.

Lucy Watkins, Portland Museum project manager, said: "This is a great opportunity to find out about Portland Museum's National Lottery funded Diving into the Digital Archives of the Earl of Abergavenny project.

"Phase 2 of this project will begin in September and if you'd like to join us then come along and meet the gang - or just come along for the ride!"