TEMPERATURES have soared in Dorset this week.

The Met Office issued a red extreme heat warning yesterday and today in much of England, from London and the south-east up to York and Manchester.

Although Dorset fell outside of the red extreme heat area, the county has been experiencing sweltering heat, confining many of us to our homes in a bid to stay cool.

This heatwave, although nowhere near as long, brings back memories of the summer of 1976. We asked readers for their memories of what it was like in this area during that long, hot summer. Here's what they told us.

Michelle Luke remembers: "I was working a summer job in Pandora’s Box, a gift shop by the King's Statue - it was a very hot summer and using public transport was horrible."

Holidaying in Weymouth during the heatwave of 1976 was significant for Jennifer Hughes. She writes: "My first holiday to Weymouth was during the heatwave of 1976, I spent a lot of time at Overcombe beach which started my love of the area. After many more happy holidays I finally made the move to live here in 2017."

The temperature must have seemed particularly warm for Robert Morgan. He tells us: "I was working in a fish and chip shop in Westham road and it was busy especially on carnival day."

And it wasn't such a good time for Lisa Rushby-Williams who was unfortunate to get German measles that summer.

Alan Clarke tells us: "In 1976 I was working at Westhaven Junior School in Radipole Lane, Weymouth. We were working on the school field lowering the manhole covers to the drains. The field height had reduced over the years so the manholes were about 4 inches higher and dangerous."

Mains supplies to thousands of homes were turned off and stand-pumps appeared in the streets where householders queued with buckets.

Simone McManus recalls: "We had one of the street pumps on the drive of our house. My dad couldn't park on the drive for weeks and everyone on our road used to walk up our drive and help themselves."

Kieran Webster remembers helping carry water buckets from the standing street pumps.

The hot summer of 1976 was a particularly uncomfortable time for Sue Hogben, who was expecting her second child then.

She writes: "I remember staggering up Boot Hill with a large baby bump pushing a baby in pram on my way to the maternity clinic. All expectant mums had high blood pressure all round after trekking up that hill."

Trina Mortimer has a similar memory: "I remember going to the beach looking like a beach whale heavily pregnant. It was very uncomfortable."

And for Angie Wilson being pregnant in that heat was a 'very uncomfortable summer' - and it rained three days after she had her son!

When Dilly Heslop thinks of the summer of 1976 she thinks of the hose pipe ban - and of being covered in calamine lotion after walking around in just pants as an eight-year-old.

Nikki Williams tells us: "What a beautiful summer, doing sailing at YAC Sea Studies and the fish would come to the surface of the water and learning to use very little wind. I remember sunbathing at home using bergasol sun cream which smelt lovely, Moonshine disco along the front and sneaking to the beach for cider when I was 15."

The summer school holidays was a blissful time for Sara Liddell, who spent them at Greenhill swimming to the raft.

The heat brought swarms of ladybirds to the Esplanade, Carol Hobson remembers.

It was an unpleasant time for Idris Martin, who recalls: "I spent most of my summer working in the bowels of a nuclear reactor at Winfrith sweating my nuts off, I hated every minute of it couldn't wait to get another job and move away and I did."

And that summer was a significant time for Ann Storey, who tells us: "I went to Butlins in Barry Island for a week with my ex-boyfriend! It was the beginning of the end, of our relationship though. I met my sailor hubby the following year though, on Portland!

"I also remember sitting by cliff at AUWE Southwell, where I worked, reading a book to get some fresh air."

Thanks to you all for your memories.