In 1964, when I was 20, I was employed as a shift worker in a Grimsby chemical factory.

Most of my workmates were in their thirties or forties and ridiculed me for my love of The Rolling Stones. I was told in no uncertain terms that the Stones were nothing more than a talentless bunch of idiots.

In response I told my workmates that The Rolling Stones should be envied rather than ridiculed because they were living the life of Riley, had money to burn, were enjoying the constant adulation and attention of attractive females, were travelling the world doing a job they loved and would never need to seek employment as a poorly paid shift worker in a stinking chemical factory.

As you can imagine, my views were not appreciated and I received a torrent of verbal abuse.

Time, of course, changes opinion and I often wonder if any of my workmates in the factory ended up liking The Rolling Stones. It would be good if I could meet them again to find out.

Geoffrey Lindley